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Buy-Proxy Escrow Explained.

When you use Buy-Proxy.com, and are dealing with someone new for the first time, you need to be able to trust the other party, but that can be difficult to do when they are miles away, and you are unlikely to ever meet them.

To make Buy-Proxy safer and easier to use, we have implemented a Free Escrow Service.

An escrow service is basically an intermediary or third party that you both can trust. Once you have chosen a Proxy to complete your transaction, there is still the matter of paying them. As neither of you know each other well enough to have built a strong level of trust. A principal won't want to pay a Proxy and risk them "running off" with the money, and a Proxy won't want to start working on a transaction and run the risk of not being paid for their efforts.

Once a Principal has chosen a Proxy to complete their transaction for them, If they both agree to use the Buy-Proxy Escrow service, the Principal will pay the agreed amount into the Buy-Proxy Escrow Account. The Proxy will be notified that there is an Escrow Payment waiting for them. Once the funds are in the Escrow Account, neither party can access the funds on their own. Escrow Payments can only be released in the following ways:

If a Transaction is Successfull

  • Once a Transaction is complete, the Principal can release the funds to the Proxy.

If a Transaction is Unsuccessfull
If either party to a transaction feels that the other party is not living up to their end of the bargain, they can ask a Buy-Proxy Administrator to intervene and mediate. This would normally happen in the following circumstances.

  • If a Principal never receives their item, or feels that the Proxy has not fulfilled the Transaction completely, they can ask a Buy-Proxy Administrator to Arbitrate
  • If a Proxy feels they have completed a Transaction completely, but the Principal is not willing to Release the Escrowed Funds
  • If either party feels that the transaction has not been completed satisfactorily, either one may request intervention

If a Buy-Proxy.com Administrator is asked to intervene, both the Principal and the Proxy will be asked to give their sides of the story, and the Administrator will make a decision. The Administrator may request further information from any or all of the parties to enable them to decide.

The Buy-Proxy.com Administrator's decision is final and binding.

Minimum Escrow Amount
The minimum amount you can place in the Buy-Proxy.com Escrow service is US$ 5.00.

Alternate Escrow Services
The Buy-Proxy.com Escrow service is built in, free to use, and designed to work seamlessly with the Buy-Proxy service. However, if you wish to use another Escrow service we've listed some of them below:


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