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 Featured Requests 

Featured Requests are specially designed to help both Principals and Proxies gain more from the service. Read on to find out how you can benefit. They are listed on the front page to give them maximum exposure. In all other displays, a Featured Request will be marked with the icon.

Benefits for Principals
Posting a Featured Request, is as simple as selecting one check box, but will provide you with a range of benefits. Featured Requests cost US$ 5.00 to create, but you will not be charged any Request Completion Fees whatsoever.

When you post a Featured Request, winning Proxy will not be charged Request Completion Fees either, meaning that Featured Requests will attract more Proxies, and better quality bids.

Contact information is usually not allowed to be posted in Buy-Proxy.com Requests, however, if you feel that it is necessary to post contact information in your Request, then you are allowed to do so, if it is a Featured Request.

Benefits for Proxies
As a Proxy, you will not be charged any Request Completion Fees when you assist with a Featured Request, this means that you can make more competitive bids.

Bidding on Featured Requests will also give you greater peace of mind, because you know that as the Principal has already paid for posting a Featured Request, they are committed to having their Request fulfilled.

Exceptional or Abnormal Requests
Requests that have exceptional or abnormal requirements MUST be listed as Featured Requests.

Exceptional or Abnormal Requests are Requests that meet the following criteria:

  • Requests for multiple items that require per item bids
  • Requests that need to contain contact information.
  • Requests that require hourly bids
  • Requests for Trades or Swaps

If you have any questions about Feature Requests that we haven't been able to answer here, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer you quickly and clearly.

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