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Buy-Proxy Re-Launch
March 21, 2009

Buy-Proxy today relaunched it's international 'proxy trade marketplace' which allows users to find and commission 'agents' to organize transactions in foreign countries and earn money by becoming a proxy provider.

After our initial launch in June of 2005, we've worked long and hard to improve our services. We've added features, and simplified the entire process.

Our biggest improvement has been the unification of accounts. After a complete rewrite of the engine behind the site, members no longer need to have separate accounts for Principal and Proxy activities. Everything is now under one roof, so to speak.

The new unified account allows any member to perform any activity on the site which eliminates the need for holding two separate accounts, making it much easier to participate in all aspects of Request fulfillment.

We've also added several minor features that should provide members with greater control when managing their Buy-Proxy activities.

Reduction in Fees
We have reduced the Request completion fees paid by Buy-Proxy members, which we believe will be appreciated by our members.

The new Request completion fees have been set at US$ 2.00 or 2% (whichever is greater) of the Winning Bid Amount. This amount will be shared equally between the Request Creator and the Winning Bidder.

Featured Requests will cost a flat fee of US$ 5.00, paid for by the Principal, upon Request Creation. Proxies will not have to pay any commission fees at all when fulfilling a Featured Request.

Press Contact: James R. Matthews
[email protected]

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